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Orangery and Kitchen Interior Design Staffordshire

06 | 03 | 18

Start seeing your home again

“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, emotionally or aesthetically”  [Robin Siegerman] We don’t know what it is about spring but it really does inspire the seasonal cliché of change and all things new. Sometimes we stop seeing our surroundings because they are too familiar to us. Our backdrop simply becomes the background. We can sometimes tolerate parts of our home because we don’t know how to change them or, as a project, it just seems too onerous to tackle. We suggest looking at your home with fresh eyes in a couple of different ways… Take photographs of one room from a variety of angles to really see every aspect of it. What could you improve? What can you…

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14 | 09 | 17

Working with the Professionals

Shelve the romantic notions about managing a property refurbishment project and consider a few realities. Some people are born to manage a property refurbishment and others, well, just aren’t. If the very thought of it makes your blood run cold – consider that it’s a skill that runs through the blood of director Simon Edkins at Cream & Browne.

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Pub Building constructions

29 | 08 | 17

When does a project become too much?

Have you got the stomach for a total refurbishment or do you prefer to take a back seat? We find that most of our clients like to direct from a safe distance!  

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modern classic dining room interior

04 | 08 | 16

Modern or Traditional: Which style are you?

The effective use of our interior spaces can have a positive impact on our health, productivity, happiness, and general well-being. Understanding your personal taste in style is an integral part of achieving the ultimate goal of interior design: to reflect personality while creating a welcoming and functional environment.

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Epoca bespoke manufactured bed. Interior designers in west midlands

01 | 04 | 16

The psychology of achieving balance

Choosing the right décor isn’t just about picking your favourite colours and making sure your room is arranged well. Modern colour psychology is a great place to start when digging deeper into how a room can affect your subconscious mind. Another concept worth exploring is perception of space, which uses proven techniques to make a space feel larger.

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free falling chandelier stairway interior

24 | 02 | 16

How to work well with luxury interior designers

Your home is the most personal reflection of your taste, style, and status. The luxury interior designers at Cream and Browne are excited to help you remodel your current or future living quarters to best reflect your truest self. Here are a few tips for making this process as pleasurable as possible:

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07 | 07 | 15

Interior design ideas for restaurants.

Restaurants are a meeting point – a place where people come together to relax, socialise, do business, and of course eat. Therefore the surroundings to the restaurant are very important because it can set the atmosphere. Restaurant designs are aplenty and it is largely dependent on what you are trying to promote. In this article we will give some basic ideas on restaurant design so comparing and contrasting becomes easier.

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11 | 06 | 15

Interior design ideas for pubs.

Owning a pub can be hard work, and this extends well beyond the day to day running and management of the establishment. Pubs especially become tired and dirty looking very quickly. You may be thinking about a freshening up or a complete overhaul of the premises. Here we provide you with some options on what looks good. Bear in mind that when we think of a pub, we tend to get an image of the Rovers Return like in Coronation Street. All pubs (and arguably a lot) are not like this and it is important to be aware of that, since this feeds into people’s perceptions and ideas about style and interior design ideas.

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11 | 11 | 14

New Luxury Interior Design Project – Worcestershire

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14 | 04 | 14

Cream and Browne Lifestyle Appear in “Cheshire Luxury Homes and Interiors Magazine – Spring 2014”