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06 | 03 | 18

Start seeing your home again

“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, emotionally or aesthetically”  [Robin Siegerman]

We don’t know what it is about spring but it really does inspire the seasonal cliché of change and all things new. Sometimes we stop seeing our surroundings because they are too familiar to us. Our backdrop simply becomes the background. We can sometimes tolerate parts of our home because we don’t know how to change them or, as a project, it just seems too onerous to tackle. We suggest looking at your home with fresh eyes in a couple of different ways…

Take photographs of one room from a variety of angles to really see every aspect of it. What could you improve? What can you take away? Are there problem areas that need staging or storage solutions? Is there something you’ve always hated about it? It’s highly unlikely that we can’t work round the most challenging of things.

Artists often look at their work in a mirror to give themselves a fresh perspective and a new view of things. You could try this with your surroundings. What do you see? A mirror reflects the space back at you in a new frame. Look at the room from all sides to really observe the space.

If this is inspiring you to refurbish or redecorate any part of your home, we can help. Simon, our MD and expert designer, will talk to you about how you use the space, what you want to improve and what kinds of styles, textures and finishes you prefer. He’ll create a menu of ideas, mood board and provide exciting inspiration.

We take on all kinds of projects – a simple refresh and makeover through to challenging building work. We love to make a difference and make clients really happy with the outcome. Is it time to take another look at your interior?