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29 | 04 | 15

Interior design ideas when you are trying to make a statement

Creating a statement can be your chance to put your own stamp on a room. This can be a simple and easy one off item, or the whole room can be full of striking visualisations The trick is to remember not to take it too far as it can make it look a disaster! Our guide will give you some things to think about (and hopefully implement) as part of your decision making.


One way to make a bold statement in your room is to think about colour schemes. The use of bright, quirky and non-neutral colours can instantly be eye catching before you have even got to putting anything in the room. There are no hard and fast rules for this, and because the possibilities are endless giving ‘how to’ instructions is difficult. As you sample you tend to get a feel for what does and does not look right, and this differs depending on our own personal preferences.

Bold colours can be used as a one off or localised focal point rather than making the whole room stand out.

In the example below you will see that the two colours fit the theme but do not make the whole space washed with vibrancy.


Alternatively you might decide to be a bit more experimental and use a range of colours in a wider area, which can still look perfectly effective. If this is your choice then keep to colours within the same primary range. Mixing lots of different colours can be very difficult and this is often when it becomes the ‘disaster’ as alluded to above.


Above: Different colours from the same primary grouping work well.

Mix the old with the new.

A further way to create a bold statement is to mix your old items with newer ones, thereby creating a split of the traditional and modern look. The two contrasts of this work quite well and are often capturing to the mind.

For example how about replacing a traditional table lamp and putting a modern lamp shade on top of it? Use modern rugs on old fashioned flooring or carpets. You can experiment with this principle fairly easily.

Be artistic.

‘Art’ is not just about interior design and colours. There are plenty of other art type material that can be added to a room to make it bold and get that statement! Fancy artwork or painting and pictures can be a feature of the room, while stencilling can allow you to make a quirky and unique design. Thinking outside the box will add to the originality and boldness of the creation.

Above: Stencilling which is subtle yet immediately drawing.



The use of gloss paint.

Whilst perhaps this is not the traditional thing to do and its effect cannot be fully felt from showing pictures, this bold statement technique actually works. Painting all areas (including walls and ceilings) in high quality gloss paint can create a glow, shine and shimmer which reflects light effectively, essentially making for a striking caption.  The use of bolder colours as mentioned earlier will further enhance this look.

If you like the idea of bold interior design ideas but are not feeling fully adventurous, start small and see what the results bring. The joy of a project like this is you can always scale it up later, yet it is easy to remove and return if you find it is not for you.