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How to make a good student room.

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This guide can be useful for students, landlords or parents alike.

September is here and many people up and down the country will be thinking about moving away for the first time to university or returning to their university having found that house or house share over the summer months. It is hard enough being away from home but there are little things that can be done to a room or house to ensure that students don’t completely feel as though they are in another planet.

Above: The bare room look isn’t the most inviting?

A lot of features on what makes a good room for students are based on the actual contents of the room. However there are certain things that the ‘shell’ of the room can consist of to make it more user friendly and appealing. These can include:

* Ensuring walls, wallpaper and colouring schemes are to (mainly) teenager’s tastes. If unsure, then play safe and go for neutral. Always lean on the side of bright, fresh and airy also.

* Having a comfy bed. Students seem to spend most of their time in bed one way or another, and there is nothing worse than a hard, creeky uncomfortable bed.

* Make sure the ‘little things’ are all present and correct. Are windows sealed and not leaking draughts? Are light switches and bulbs working? Do the taps supply running water? These are all essential and should be your starting point.

Other things to think about

The tips mentioned below will give you further ideas and ways of making the student accommodation and experience much better.

Lighting: It is surprising how lighting can simply brighten (if you forgive the pun) the room. Use different bulbs for different colours, or fancy shades for added warmth.

Cushions/Rugs/Mats: Immediately a living space looks more appealing with the addition of a few extra home comforts. These also serve a dual purpose as they can protect floors or furniture from spills and marks.

Bedding: Whilst some won’t care about the design of the bed linen it is a way to enhance the spirit of the room. Unisex designs exists, while dual sided lined can be reversed to alternate a look if someone is getting bored of the pattern.

Artwork: What nicer way for a student to settle in to a new place by bringing memories and pieces of the past with them. This not only provides a calming influence but it can also allow for conversations to start.

Photos placed in photo frames don’t cost much but are a nice idea. Posters are also fine (you can even buy special tack to stop the walls marking / staining) while pictures and paintings will add depth also.

Whilst moving into student accommodation will always be daunting, following these tips should at least make it a little more comfortable.