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10 | 03 | 16

Luxury interior design; how to decorate your loft apartment

Here at Cream and Browne, we recently completed a stunning transformation of an empty warehouse in Birmingham City Centre. In cooperation with our professional building partner, we built and designed a three-bedroom loft apartment transforming a bare-bones space into an inviting home. The new living quarters include a top of the line Urban Kitchen with a large breakfast bar, an open floor plan featuring exposed brick walls, and luxurious furnishings for a turn-key home ready for the rental market.

When choosing furnishings and exploring lighting options for your new or remodelled space, keep these important tips in mind:

urban dining room loft apartment

Luxury interior design tip: small furniture groupings create a cosy space

Loft apartment spaces, while airy and open, can also feel large and uninviting without cohesive furniture groupings. Encourage cosy togetherness, even in large spaces, by choosing furniture that is comfortable, inviting, and visually compatible with the space.

Choosing one style, such as mid-century modern or minimalist, really pulls the space together no matter its size. For those with eclectic taste, choosing a tight colour scheme provides the same coordinated look without seeming to deliberate.

Flexible and innovative furnishings are becoming readily available as the popularity of remodelled luxury loft apartments grows. Large pieces with built-in casters offer portability and scale. Properly scaled pieces offer a comfortable feel. Adjustable height tables are wonderful multi-purpose pieces that serve a room well both in a cosy furniture grouping and as an extra work surface on an as-needed basis.

Urban Loft apartment Kitchen design

Luxury interior design tip: mixed lighting sources offer depth and warmth to large spaces

Lighting preferences can be intensely personal, and the old rules of interior design don’t always apply well to the specialized needs of a luxury loft apartment. Overhead lighting is important, and it draws attention to the size and scale of the space.

Be sure to pay attention to task lighting in places where people are likely to sit and read, gather for conversation, or where you want a more intimate feel. Ideally, as many light sources as possible will be adjustable for the daylight conditions and the occasion. You may want different lighting options while entertaining than you do while enjoying a quiet evening at home with family.

Our expert luxury interior designers understand how to incorporate urban style into any space for a modern and comfortable environment. To learn more about how to personalize your space to create a warm and inviting environment, and to book a consultation with a Cream & Browne interior designer, please contact us.