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Modern bathroom design

03 | 05 | 16

Bathroom Design Trends – 4 Subjects to Consider When Remodelling

One of the most luxurious home renovations, revamping the bathroom is a satisfying way to invest in your home. Current figures state that remodelling the bathroom offers nearly a 50% return on investment. Housing trends indicate that people are choosing to remain in their homes and renovate as opposed to moving. If you’ve decided to give this room a facelift, there are a few important bathroom design trends to be aware of as you define your goals for this project.

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Interior design proposal board

15 | 04 | 16

Interior design colour trends and textures for the spring season

Livened up living spaces are on-trend this season. As we head into warmer weather, it’s often tempting to try to shake off the cold of winter by redecorating. Here are a few key trends to watch for:

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Epoca bespoke manufactured bed. Interior designers in west midlands

01 | 04 | 16

The psychology of achieving balance

Choosing the right décor isn’t just about picking your favourite colours and making sure your room is arranged well. Modern colour psychology is a great place to start when digging deeper into how a room can affect your subconscious mind. Another concept worth exploring is perception of space, which uses proven techniques to make a space feel larger.

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Urban apartment design

10 | 03 | 16

Luxury interior design; how to decorate your loft apartment

Here at Cream and Browne, we recently completed a stunning transformation of an empty warehouse in Birmingham City Centre. In cooperation with our professional building partner, we built and designed a three-bedroom loft apartment transforming a bare-bones space into an inviting home. The new living quarters include a top of the line Urban Kitchen with a large breakfast bar, an open floor plan featuring exposed brick walls, and luxurious furnishings for a turn-key home ready for the rental market.

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free falling chandelier stairway interior

24 | 02 | 16

How to work well with luxury interior designers

Your home is the most personal reflection of your taste, style, and status. The luxury interior designers at Cream and Browne are excited to help you remodel your current or future living quarters to best reflect your truest self. Here are a few tips for making this process as pleasurable as possible:

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Luxury Christmas Porch decor

17 | 12 | 15

Christmas home design ideas

At this time of year, it would seem rude not to do a posting on how you can make your home grand, special and festive, so in this article we are going to look at the very ways you can do this. The jolly think about this is you can let your imagination run wild and if you have the time, the money, and the resources, you can create something which resembles a grotto or a scene out of land of Narnia!

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