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15 | 08 | 17

Can’t sell? Won’t sell?

We have worked with some of the UK’s premier estate agents in a number of ways over the years. For those struggling to sell exclusive properties, usually in excess of £750,000, we can provide the missing link that takes the client past the existing layout and décor and on to considering exciting new prospects in a way that will suit their lifestyle – and not the lifestyle of the existing owner.

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Glamorous modern bedroom Interior design for home in staffordshire

16 | 08 | 16

Glamorous Modern Home Designs

Transforming a Staffordshire five-bedroom home into a glamorous nest of comfort A brand new house gets the exclusive Cream and Browne treatment with a glamorous modern feel that makes its owners feel special, inspired, and at-home.

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modern classic dining room interior

04 | 08 | 16

Modern or Traditional: Which style are you?

The effective use of our interior spaces can have a positive impact on our health, productivity, happiness, and general well-being. Understanding your personal taste in style is an integral part of achieving the ultimate goal of interior design: to reflect personality while creating a welcoming and functional environment.

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20 | 07 | 16

Country House Boutique Bed and Breakfast with a leading design edge

Tailor made, bespoke weddings, with the option of the civil service being held at the venue, as well as the wedding reception and the added bonus of luxurious onsite bed and breakfast accommodation, are becoming a sought after alternative for lots of couples.

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Bespoke Intoto Kitchen Island unit design

05 | 07 | 16

A new kitchen: It’s time

Here at Cream and Browne, we understand how important it is to have a modern, easy to use, and beautiful kitchen. It you’ve been putting off renovations because the project seems daunting, now may be the time to consider turning your dream kitchen into an everyday reality.

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Arte - Deco Luxe wallpaper design

16 | 05 | 16

Hot Design Trend: Deco Luxe

It’s perfect for a swanky New York City penthouse, a luxurious Mayfair home, or even a decadent yacht in Fontvieille. Deco Luxe is a contemporary style that our designers recently encountered, and fell in love with, during the recent Milan Furniture Show. Dripping with rich metallic and plain textured surfaces, this design trend is in its infancy, and we predict that it’s here to stay.

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