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13 | 10 | 17

What do your bathrooms say about you?

A bathroom has the potential to be a statement room – it’s the place you start and end your day. You may also have a bathroom reserved solely for guests or a child’s bedroom with their own facilities. Each needs its own special treatment to make sure it is beautiful and fit for purpose.

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10 | 10 | 17

Some people have got it (and some people haven’t)

We work with lots of people and help them see what is possible. We factor in budget, timescale and future plans for the property – is it an investment, a home or a project? And then we set to work with our trusted design and build team to go beyond the brief and create something special.

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Living room contemporary Interior Design with bespoke sofa, arm chairs, table units and blinds in deep colours.

28 | 09 | 17

Shades of Grey..

I don’t know about you but I have noticed that rather a lot of my friends’ homes are starting to look suspiciously similar – sporting a variety of shades of grey. There is also an overt tendency towards accents of copper. Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful and the combination does exactly what was intended for the spaces adorned – creating a look that is calming, sophisticated and oh so current.

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14 | 09 | 17

Working with the Professionals

Shelve the romantic notions about managing a property refurbishment project and consider a few realities. Some people are born to manage a property refurbishment and others, well, just aren’t. If the very thought of it makes your blood run cold – consider that it’s a skill that runs through the blood of director Simon Edkins at Cream & Browne.

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Pub Building constructions

29 | 08 | 17

When does a project become too much?

Have you got the stomach for a total refurbishment or do you prefer to take a back seat? We find that most of our clients like to direct from a safe distance!  

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15 | 08 | 17

Can’t sell? Won’t sell?

We have worked with some of the UK’s premier estate agents in a number of ways over the years. For those struggling to sell exclusive properties, usually in excess of £750,000, we can provide the missing link that takes the client past the existing layout and décor and on to considering exciting new prospects in a way that will suit their lifestyle – and not the lifestyle of the existing owner.

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